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Rugby Videos and Links

2020 Western Canadian 7's  Championships - RCDA vs Alberta Black, RCDA vs Ontario Blue, RCDA vs Manitoba,

RCDA vs Alberta White, RCDA vs BC Elite (Scrum Half and kicker #5 in red)

BC Elite 7's Series - RCDA vs BC Elite Blue, RCDA vs BC Elite Gold (Scrum Half and kicker #5 in red)


2019 World High School 7's - CAN BC Elite vs Tonga Heilala (on at 10:00min), 

CAN BC Elite vs Australia Central Coast Seahawks (starting), CAN BC Elite vs NZ Dutch (starting), 

CAN BC Elite vs NZ Maori (on at 12:18), CAN BC Elite vs Fiji (on at 17:24), Canada BC Elite 24 - 0 Mako 7's (on at 17:40)


2019 Club Rugby with the Castaway Wanderers - CW vs Comox Valley (15's)


BC Elite 7s Series (Brentwood College - Sept 28, 2019) - RCDA vs Island Elite, RCDA vs Fraser Valley Elite,

RCDA vs Mainland Elite (Kira is playing fly half , kicking and is wearing #5 in red)


U19 Langford 7's 2019 - Castaway Wanderers vs James Bay,  CW vs Thunder Rugby,

CW vs James Bay (game 2), CW vs Thunder Rugby (finals) (Kira is playing fly half and is#15 in blue/red /black stripes)


U18 Canada West vs USA High School All-Stars West - Game 1, Game 3 (Kira is playing fly half and is #25 in Black)


BC High School 15's Championships 2019 - Robert Bateman vs Mark Isfeld Robert Bateman vs Vanier,

Robert Bateman vs Abbotsford Senior (Kira is #10 in Green)


BC High School 7s Championships 2019 - Robert Bateman Secondary vs Mount Boucherie

Robert Bateman vs Kootenays (Kira only plays second half) - (Kira is #4 in Green)


Tropical 7s 2019 - U18 Open Division (Runners Up) - Celtic Barbarians vs Upright Rugby (score is reversed by Florugby),

Celtic Barbarians vs Toronto Elite Red, Celtic Barbarians vs Ontario Blue - (Kira is #9)

(There is no sound in the videos - for sound please watch on

U18 Western Canadian 7's Championships - BC Elite vs Alberta WhiteBC Elite vs RCDA

BC Elite vs SaskatchewanBC Elite vs ManitobaBC Elite vs Alberta Black - (Kira is #4 in Yellow)

Alberta U16 vs BC U16 @Western Canadian 15s Championships - (Kira is #10 in Yellow)

Wellington Wizards vs Celtic Barbarians @ Tropical 7's 2018 - U18 (Kira is #8 in Blue)

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